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PART 2: Beyond the Vanishing Act, Embracing Change and Unexpected Journeys.

Support Life-Saving Initiatives: There are countless organizations and initiatives dedicated to saving children’s lives. These organizations provide healthcare, clean water, nutrition, and education to vulnerable children and communities. Supporting these organizations financially or through volunteering can make a significant impact.

Advocate for Change: We can use our voices to advocate for policies and actions that prioritize children’s well-being and safety. This includes advocating for healthcare access, proper nutrition, education, and conflict resolution efforts. Awareness is a powerful tool for change. Sharing stories, statistics, and information about the challenges children face can inspire others to get involved and take action.

Foster Compassion: Compassion is the foundation of our humanity. By fostering empathy and compassion within ourselves and our communities, we can create a more caring and supportive environment for children in need.

Educate and Empower: Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and despair. Supporting educational initiatives and empowering children with knowledge and skills can transform their lives and their futures.

The death of a child will always be tragic and no family or community should have to endure. It is a stark reminder of the urgent need for change in our world. I pray we all soon unite in our commitment to making this world a safer, healthier, and more nurturing place for all children, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to grow, thrive, and fulfil their potential. Working towards a future where stories of children dying are replaced with stories of hope, resilience, and progress is a priority for me.


      1. Hello Summer, I’ve Been Waiting For You (July) 

    Dear Summer, how I long for you to arrive every year. Summer reminds me of holidays after a long semester at school. Summer is also made to be hot, and I love the sun, not as much as I love it when it rains.

    As the sun’s rays become more intense, and the days stretch out with warmth and possibility, I can’t help but fall in love with summer all over again. And for me, as a Leo/Virgo cusp sign, this season holds a special place in my heart. Let me share with you why I cherish summer as someone straddling the line between the lion and the maiden.

    One of the key traits I possess is my fiery passion and the desire to shine. As the summer sun blazes in the sky, I find myself embracing my Leo side. I’m inspired to be more outgoing, social, and confident during these months. Summer offers the perfect backdrop for the lion in me to roar with creativity, enthusiasm, and a desire to take centre stage. On the flip side, the Virgo in me always seeks practicality and organization. Summer allows me to balance the spontaneity of Leo with the precision of Virgo. Whether it’s planning a well-thought-out vacation, creating detailed to-do lists for summer projects, or simply taking time to appreciate the little things in life, my Virgo traits come in handy during this season.

    Summer’s abundance of colors and scents is something I cherish as a cusp sign. I feel my style evolving, from a colourful to a more toned-down neutral style. The Leo in me appreciates the grandeur of nature, from lush green forests to vibrant flowers and I see myself incorporating more of this into my wardrobe. Simultaneously, my Virgo side revels in the smaller details, like the intricate patterns on a butterfly’s wings or the delicate aroma of blooming flowers.

    Summer is a time of connection, with family and friends coming together for outdoor barbecues, beach trips, and festivals. I find myself drawn to this sense of community, thanks to my Leo/Virgo mix. I’m passionate about nurturing these bonds, and I often find myself taking on the role of the dependable organiser, making sure everyone has a great time.

    In the end, being a Leo/Virgo cusp sign in the summer is like having the best of both worlds. I get to bask in the sun’s energy, embracing my inner lion’s enthusiasm, while also channeling my inner Virgo’s practicality and attention to detail. It’s a season that allows me to be me, in all my fiery and grounded glory. Summer, you have my heart.

        1. Embracing the Wisdom Of This New Age (August) 

      As I stand at the threshold of my 30’s, I’m reminded of the beautiful complexity of life. Each year has brought a new chapter and each decade a richer tapestry of experiences. Turning 30 is like standing on a precipice, a place of reflection and anticipation.

      We all know this saying “Age is just a number” but age isn’t just a number; it’s a marker of wisdom. It’s a testament to the strength I’ve gathered from every challenge and every dream I’ve chased. Every laugh and every tear has etched its mark, making me who I am today.

      In my 20’s, I was a wildflower, unafraid to bloom wherever life took me, an open book to all, with very few boundaries. Now, I’m a mighty oak, deeply rooted in my beliefs and values and it’s a time of self-acceptance, of embracing my uniqueness with open arms. I was kind to myself the day I turned 30, before now, at least the last 3 birthday’s I was not as kind to myself. I’ve had very little control over the things I needed, I had to remind myself that there is no “right” or “wrong” timeline for life events. Everyone’s journey is unique, and societal expectations should not dictate how we feel about our life choices.

      Your 30’s should be a big invitation to be kinder to yourself. To recognize that perfection is a myth, and that it’s the flaws and imperfections that make us beautifully human. I celebrate the laughter lines, the scars, and the knowledge with each passing day, I become a little wiser and more resilient.

      So, as I journey into this new age, I welcome it with open arms, like an old friend I haven’t seen in a while. I cherish the knowledge I’ve gained, the dreams I’ve pursued, and the battles I’ve fought. Here’s to the next chapter, to growth, to becoming the best version of myself, and to the adventures that await. If you’re turning 30 soon or you did, remember to celebrate your life because it’s a triumph of the spirit, and an embrace of the marvelous, ever-evolving you.

          1. In Service To Others (September) 

        Destiny met hard work, and God called me to serve others again. Transitioning from a decade of volunteering to consultancy, then being a business owner and now working with the government in Nigeria is a significant shift, and it’s natural for me to feel both excited and challenged. I just have to keep telling myself that managing this new job role effectively while continuing to nurture my creative side is just as important.

        As the serial networker that I am, I recognize the valuable networking opportunities this new job position offers. However, beyond networking, I really want to serve others again, and I’m honored to have even been considered for this. I always take the initiative to connect with individuals and organizations that align with our interests and my creative passions. While my new job role is administrative and personal in nature, there’s often room for creativity in problem-solving, event planning, and more.

        I look forward to building this trust and finding ways to infuse creativity into my tasks when appropriate. Finally, balancing this new job role with other creative passions can be demanding, so I prioritized self-care to maintain my mental and emotional well-being. So far it has helped me stay focused, energized, and most importantly creative.

            1. The Blogging Time Machine (October) 

          So, my dear readers, I’m back in the blogosphere with more tales to tell and laughter to share. Join me in the chaos, the hilarity, and the unexpected twists as we dive headfirst into the world of reluctant blogging. After all, every Shonda Rhimes fan knows that life’s most thrilling adventures come when you least expect them.

          Right after Summer, fall is my favorite season because it still signifies the start of the holiday season, and many people enjoy the anticipation and preparations for the upcoming festive months. For me, fall represents change as nature prepares for the winter ahead. This season always brings a sense of renewal and fresh beginnings.

          So stay tuned for more juicy updates on my general work life and well-being from this Reluctant Blogger. Until then, keep binge-watching those Shonda Rhimes classics, and don’t forget to embrace the unpredictability of life.

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