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Know Me.

I am a Writer, Communication Strategist, Media Consultant, Film and Creative Director based in Abuja. I focus on work across mediums that connects people and brands. 

As a woman, naturally I am more than one thing and these things may evolve.


About Me

At the moment working in spaces I feel myself the most and learning all sorts of things, such as learning how to set up sustainable businesses, currently taking a course in Mental and Health and also refreshing my memory on online marketing strategies. I’m making art again and getting much more conformable sharing it. I’m a self taught editor and film-maker.

So much to do, they say so little time but in everything I learn and try to do I give it my best, it’s a seriously steep learning curve, but I’m really enjoying it!

I’m a supervising executive  at El-Amin International School Abuja, a family owned business. I am also the Creative Director for SHUSHI, a creative visual story telling brand focused on storytelling through curating events or set designs, content and designing merchandise, home & fashion accessories, starting with eyewear. I founded the company in 2019.

You’ll find my work colleagues or industry leaders refer to be by this name, it’s my nickname as a creative and film Director. I also founded and now co-own a production company called SHUBOX PRODUCTIONS. I love film! and recently started a Youtube Channel, it’s been a long time coming.

Giving back to my community is second nature to me having more than 10 years experience volunteering and consulting for non-profit organisations and media companies, I am in service to the Federal Government of Nigeria as an assistant to a Minister in my country.

I have strong competence in creative writing, public speaking, public relations, marketing and advertising. In my second life I would probably be part of the team in Mad Men. As a woman it’s no surprise that I am more than one thing, and these things may evolve and that’s ok. So on this site you will find a collection of my work which showcases a broad spectrum of my abilities. From public speaking to writing articles, creative writing, art direction, filming, modelling and photography. I aim to keep creating memorable projects with great people that would impact the world.

I enjoy creative work across all media spectrums and I specialise in finding ways to blend new technology with craftsmanship, humour, history and heart. Fair to say, my favourite projects involve great ideas across various disciplines. Plus food; I love food, eating, cooking & sharing it. It is up to me to direct and shape my own life in any way I desire. I am not meant to do anything and thereby I am free to do any-and-everything. And thus, step-by-step, I am creating myself. I am constantly thinking of how can I improve because I am never comfortable with an achievement, it’s always what’s next for me.

I am actively evolving, one change at a time, experimenting with new experiences, as I learn by doing. In my work, be it education management, film, fashion, art, production or writing I simply want to exist freely, to represent the underrepresented. Shout out to my Hausa girls, Naija girls, and all the great women all over the world.

In a nutshell, I am media enthusiast with a strong philanthropic and entrepreneurial spirit, think of me as your personal creative consultant.

Thank you.