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His journey as a photographer started in 2011 and today Henry is still by far one of my favourite photographers in the world. 

Having come from a corporate background, Henry dedicated countless hours over the years learning to develop his skill set in photography by striving to learn and improve on a constant basis. Big H now mentors and shares his acquired knowledge with young and upcoming photographers at his annual Big H Photography Class. 

I decided to take that class in 2016, I saved for that class and it was worth every penny. The thing about Henry is he’s so fair and objective because he knows art is subjective he reminds us in class to pursue our individual strengths and just because he doesn’t agree with a piece of art we produce does not mean it’s not worth it’s beauty. He emphasised on being able to take critic to improve on our work.

For someone like me who did not deal well with criticism in the past, that class helped me grow in a lot of ways I don’t even think Henry knows. Thank you Henry! 

Here’s a video from one of our photo walks. We visited this fulani community in Jabi, a district in the city of Abuja. The visibility of  poverty in such a location was shocking, and Henry organised the visit with over 20 other photographers who all contributed to the community by providing them with basic needs such as clothes, water and food.

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